Samsung folding screen phone will be unveiled, but it even gave up gorilla glass

6/25/2019 7:06 PM

Recently, there have been more and more news about the Samsung folding screen smartphone Galaxy F, and the rumors continue, and it is also unpredictable. However, there is news in recent days that it is currently certain that the Galaxy F will not use Corning Gorilla Glass.


According to the foreign media broke, due to technical limitations, Corning's screen glass is still unable to appear in the field of folding smartphones.


It is reported that this technical limitation is due to the rigidity of the gorilla glass, so it cannot be folded. As a result, Samsung will switch to the Japanese Sumitomo, and will use the transparent polyimide protective material they provide. Although it has a gap between the protection and durability of the gorilla glass, it is suitable for folding screen mobile phones in terms of flexibility.


In fact, Corning has developed a protective glass for use on the folding screen, but its usability is still not as good as that of Sumitomo's transparent polyimide protection material. So Samsung now chooses to cooperate with Sumitomo.


However, for Corning, the news is not so bad, because after all, folding screen smartphones are still in the early stages of development, and Samsung will not be mass-produced at the beginning, so for Corning The loss is not too big.


It is expected that the folding screen smartphone will be truly popular in a few years, and it is believed that Corning will definitely come up with a better solution.


According to the current news, Samsung will showcase this folding screen smartphone at the developer conference in November this year. Although it is still uncertain whether it is called Galaxy F, this plan should be urgent and new. The aircraft will be officially launched at the beginning of next year.


According to Samsung CEO DJ Koh, this folding screen phone can work in the fold of the screen in most cases. If users need to browse the web or play games, they can switch to bigger screen at any time. He also said that although the development of this technology is very difficult, it has now been basically completed.


Folding screen smartphones are undoubtedly an innovation for the current smart phone market, but how much convenience it can bring to our experience, or it does not apply, we still have to wait until the product is released.