China's first full flexible display mass production line.Open a new era of mobile phone

5/24/2020 8:08 PM

On October 26, the 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line of BOE in Chengdu formally started mass production, taking the lead in supplying China smart phones.

Samsung OLED Production will meet the growing demand for small and medium size high performance display products.The flexible AMOLED with a thickness of only 0.03 mm can be rolled up like paper.It is of epoch-making significance to accelerate the development of China's OLED industry and global flexible display industry. As one of the new semiconductor display technologies, the flexible AMOLED display replaces the traditional glass substrates with plastic substrates.With active light-emitting organic materials and the flexible packaging technology, which can make the display screen thinner than paper, can be bent and folded, subverting our understanding of the traditional display. The new technology brings high resolution, high reaction speed, high brightness, low energy consumption and other characteristics.This major breakthrough, breaking Samsung’s monopoly on the phone screen, processor and manufacturer .

BOE has submitted the flexible AMOLED screen to many mobile phone manufacturers in China.In the future,the flexible AMOLED screen is expected to be widely used in China mobile phone.After breaking the monopoly of Samsung, the price will be more affordable.