LG will be Apple’s supplier for OLED screens

5/24/2020 9:15 PM
At the beginning days of 2018, we have learned that LG Display will join in Apple's supply china for new iPhone series, they will provide OLED screens for Apple, and that the next new iPhone will be published in the second half of 2018. Affected by this, LG Display shares soared to a record high since April. In Wednes day Morning (2018.1.3), LG Display shares rose 3.35%.
Based on the current iPhone, LG will supply OLED screens 15 to 16 million pieces. It is said that LG Display is actively negotiating with Apple Corp for more quantity. LG has started building new factories to supply Apple.
At present, Samsung supply the OLED screens for Apple corp exclusively. But this situation will be change soon as LG Display become new supplier and the future competition for Apple orders will become increasingly fierce. In fact, Apple has also been looking for the OLED manufacturers to achieve supply diversification, and once LG Display jion it, Apple will have more pricing power.
Acorrding to Industry news, LG Display will spply 6.5 inch OLED panels, while Samsung 5.8 inch or 6 inch, and Samsung still will be the main supplier although facing LG Display's competition.
LG will be Apple's supplier for OLED screens