Apple teamed up with TSMC to develop microLED screens

3/28/2020 4:04 AM

November 21 news, Apple has just introduced the first iPhone with OLED screen, but this technology has never stopped. It is reported that Apple is teamed up with TSMC to promote microLED screen technology research and development work, is expected to replace the OLED screen in the next few years.

Apple microLED


The microLED screen replaces some of the key features of OLED and LCD screens to provide even greater brightness, color saturation, and power efficiency. However, it has recently been reported that Apple is shrinking the size of its microLED research team in Taiwan and that the company is facing the actual production challenge of this technology. Earlier this year, the company said it will enter trial production.


Other reports pointed out that the reason why Apple cut the size of the team, only because the current research phase has been completed and will be in the United States for the next phase of research and development work. It also shows that Apple is working with TSMC to deal with manufacturing challenges in another way. In addition, Apple is working with TSMC to develop silicon-based applications to circumvent the bottleneck that limits the large-scale transmission of LED chips.


Apple is very optimistic about the microLED technology. In 2014, it acquired LuxVue, a company specialized in this field. Like OLEDs, microLEDs may be first introduced to the Apple Watch before being applied to the iPhone. It has been suggested that this year's Apple Watch may use this technology, and there are reports that this goal may be achieved next year.