Left and right borders only 0.5mm, Huawei flagship will make the full screen to the extreme next year

7/13/2020 1:17 AM

2017-12-12 OLED News

Recently, Huawei is currently aiming to develop the smartphone with the narrowest frame in the world. The product is expected to be released in the second half of next year. Based on the analysis of the date, the product may be the next Mate series.

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According to South Korean media reports, Huawei has now cooperated with panel and touch panel solution providers to develop the smartphone products with the narrowest frame in the world. It is reported that this planned smartphone left and right borders only 0.5mm, up and down borders 1.5mm, the research and development goal is to create a border width than the Samsung smartphone more than 50% reduction products.


According to the current information, this will undoubtedly be a full-screen mobile phone, while the front of the phone non-screen area is almost negligible, the report said the estimated time to market for this product is the second half of 2018. From the second half of the year and for the flagship product positioning, this will likely be the next generation Mate series, perhaps Mate11.


Last week, another source came from the supply chain, said Huawei's P11 products will likely adopt a full-shaped shaped screen design.

In the current Huawei flagship product Mate10 series, it uses a narrow border with OLED full-screen design, the phone has a higher screen share than the previous generation, the screen area of 6.0 inches Huawei Mate10 Pro body size is only 154.2 * 74.5mm. Mate10 Pro also used an 18: 9 screen resolution for the first time on the Mate series. Huawei has also been specially developed in the system layer for the full screen to support users start dual-screen operation in the process of watching videos or play games while the message or push been received.