Apple published iPhoneX Repair Price: RMB 2288 for changing screen

5/31/2020 5:33 AM

Apple's latest iPhone X phone has started to sell since Nov 3rd, 2017, and now that Apple has updated the price of the iPhone X on its official website, let's have a look at the details below.

According to the information on the iPhone warranty repair price on Apple's official website, Apple will charge a uniform fee for the iPhone X in the Chinese market, with only RMB 2288  for the maintenance of the screen, and a fee of RMB ¥4588 for any other damage to the device.


Apple said screen repair is usually caused by accidental damage, not within a year of limited 

warranty coverage for Apple. If one user's screen crack is caused by a defect in the manufacturing, 

it is covered by Apple's warranty and consumer rights law.


In addition to the Chinese market, Apple also provides the same maintenance services in countries such as the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and the UK, with the following prices:

-United States: US $279 for screen repair, $549 for other damage

-Australia: US $419 for screen repair, $819 for other damage

-Canada: US $359 for screen repair, $709 dollars for other damage

-Germany: 321 euros for screen repair, 611 euros for other damage

-UK: 286 pounds for screen repair, 556 pounds for other damage


It should be mentioned that these prices do not apply to users who buy Apple Care+ services for iPhone X. The Apple Care+ omni-directional service program for the iPhone can provide users with 2 years of repair service from the date of purchase of the iPhone, as well as up to 2 accidental damage to the warranty service charge: For screen damage, RMB 188 service charge. For any other damage, charge RMB 628 service charge.